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Festivus Earrings

Festivus Earrings

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Festivus... for the Rest of us! 

Perfect for those of us who want to celebrate Festivus this December 23rd, these earrings will show your pride. 

Made of two-toned acrylic, they're engraved with the words "Happy Festivus" as well as the main components of Festivus: "Feats of Strength" and "Airing of Grievances" and are finished with a holographic silver glitter pole in the center. They're completed with hypoallergenic gold-plated brass fish hooks for closure.

Materials: acrylic, hypoallergenic gold-plated brass hardware

Measurements: 3.4" length, 2.5" width

Weight: 0.7oz

Care Instructions

Do not get jewelry wet. Avoid heavy lotions, chemicals, sprays or oils while wearing your pieces. Avoid any and all liquids on mirrored acrylic to prevent cracking.

To clean, wipe gently with a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth.

To prevent scratches, store away from sharp objects. Do not sleep in your acrylic pieces.

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